Most Noted Hill Stations Around the Financial Capital of India – Mumbai

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Being a vast country has its advantages, look at India and the diversity it offers. While there are places with moderate climate like Maharashtra and other states that share their boundaries with sea, there are also several locations near them that offer a respite from extensive humidity and heat that one has to bear while living in these places. There are several hill stations in Mumbai which would let you breathe easy when heat gets the better of you. Here are top five hill station destinations that you must consider if you happen to be in and around Mumbai:

1. Panchgani: Hill station holidays in India have acquired a whole new image thanks to this picturesque place. This place is surrounded by five hills and is the home of several British era monuments and buildings that lend to it a royal aura. It is easy to go to Panchgani as it is just 98 km away from Pune by road and has acquired a cult status due to several Hindi films that have been shot here. In short this is a place where history means modernity in its finest avatars!

2. Mahabaleshwar: It is the quintessential holiday destination in Mumbai, situated at an altitude of 1, 372 meters, that becomes a must visit during the hot and humid summers that are a hallmark of most northern and southern states. This hill station is christened as the ‘Queen of Hill stations’ due to the scenic beauty and cleanliness at display here. While there are several animals that throng this place and call it their abode, the ones that may prove fatal to mankind are rare. Foxes, jackals, deer etc and several varieties of plants (including those that have medicinal value) are aplenty here.

3. Lonavala-Khandala: No hill station tour in Mumbai can be called complete without setting foot on this beautiful twin hill resort. It is almost a pilgrimage that Mumbaikars undertake to take refuge from sweltering heat of Mumbai. But it would be wrong to call these places just a ‘refuge’ as it would be too humble for this serene place. There are several sightseeing venues that are available here at affordable rates that can blow your mind away like Duke’s nose, Tiger’s leap and Lohgad etc. What’s more, this place is so very well connected with the rest of Mumbai that the problem of conveyance or accommodation never ever arises as several resorts line up this place to lap up tourists.

4. Saputara: This Gujarat hill station town is situated in Dang district. It has a tribal flavor to it, as several tribal families have made their homes in and around Saputara. The name actually means ‘abode of serpent’. Since, it is very convenient to live here thanks to the dense forest that keeps them away from modern civilization hence, tribal hutments and humble dwellings can be spotted here as well.

Satpura is an extremely chilled out place to go trekking as it is calm and has all the amenities to make living their easy for tourists.

5. Lavasa: This is a complete package or should we say an all rounder in terms of the perfect balance of beauty and modernity? Though it too is rich in natural beauty but modern means of adventure are not difficult to find here. A tourist can enjoy a bus tour to this ethereal piece of land or go on foot soaking in the first rays of the sun or indulge in water sports or experience world class dining without paying a bomb! Can any other hill station boast of such dramatic polarities with such ease? What also helps this place is the convenient location and easy mode of transport which are available here at even odd hours thus making it a true holiday hill station destination.


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